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  • AFP Dental Chew Stick Large

    R109.00 R87.20*
  • GiGwi Cat Pet Droid - Melody Tumble for ...

    R159.00 R127.20*
  • GiGwi Catwand Feather Teaser

    R109.00 R87.20*
  • GiGwi Catwand Feather Teaser with Natura...

    R129.00 R103.20*
  • GiGwi Feather Pet Droid Spinner

    R369.00 R295.20*
  • GiGwi Melody Chaser Cat Toy Bird

    2 reviews
    R109.00 R87.20*
  • GiGwi Melody Chaser Hedgehog Toy for Cat...

    R109.00 R87.20*
  • GiGwi Original Large Balls (3 pack)

    R159.00 R127.20*
  • GiGwi Original Medium Balls (3 pack)

    R119.00 R95.20*
  • GiGwi Original Small Balls (3 pack)

    R95.00 R76.00*
  • GiGwi Pet Droid Activity Mouse for Cats

    R199.00 R159.20*
  • GiGwi Pet Droid Feather Hider

    1 review
    R339.00 R271.20*
  • AFP Heart Beat Sheep

    R329.00 R263.20*
  • AFP Warm Bear

    R279.00 R223.20*
  • GiGwi Original Xsmall Balls (3 pack)

    R79.00 R63.20*
  • Max Bathing Monkey

    R149.00 R119.20*