Pet Products On Promotion

  • Absolute Pets 10-Step Wooden Ladder

    R119.00 R95.20*
  • Absolute Pets 9-Step Wooden Ladder

    R65.00 R52.00*
  • Absolute Pets Bird Toy Tassle Tube

    R75.00 R60.00*
  • Absolute Pets Bird Toy Mielie Stack

    R45.00 R36.00*
  • Absolute Pets Bird Toy Heli-pine

    R35.00 R28.00*
  • Absolute Pets Bird Toy Trinket

    R59.00 R47.20*
  • Absolute Pets Bird Toy Millipede

    R65.00 R52.00*
  • Beeztees Bird Toy Ring

    R199.00 R159.20*
  • Beeztees Parrot Blocks

    R115.00 R92.00*
  • Beeztees Wooden Perch and Mirror

    R109.00 R87.20*
  • Beeztees Parrot Toy

    R105.00 R84.00*
  • Beeztees Wooden Ladder with Balls

    R89.00 R71.20*
  • Beeztees Wooden Ladder

    R89.00 R71.20*
  • Beeztees Parrot Rope Toy

    R85.00 R68.00*
  • Beeztees Rodent House

    from R175.20
  • Tetra AquaSafe

    from R55.00