Puppies and kittens - what you need to know!

by Absolute Pets

puppies and kittens
Welcoming a puppy or kitten into your home? Well, this article will help you with what you need to know as you begin this very exciting journey. From choosing the right food, to important DO’s and DON’T’s, healthy treats, toilet training, play time and toys.

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Common behaviour challenges with dogs and cats

by Absolute Pets

Common animal behaviour issues
Understanding our pets and providing for them is an ongoing journey; and along the way you may experience some behavioural challenges. We chatted to two experts in the animal behaviour field and asked them about the most commom behaviour challenges they come across in cats and dogs. A big thank you to  Justine Kruger and Ludovica Barnato for their insight and advice!.

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All about catnip!

by Absolute Pets

Questions about catnip

What is catnip and why does it have such an affect on cats? Is it safe for humans and dogs and what are the best ways to give your cat catnip? These are some of the questions you may have about catnip; and you can find answers to these questions in our latest article.

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Mandela Day - Animal Welfare Campaign 2021

by Absolute Pets

Absolute Pets Mandela Day campaign 2021

As you know, every year we celebrate and honour Mandela day with an initiative to support animal welfare.

Now, more than ever, they need as much support as they can get. So this year, we are helping raise much-needed funds for 30 animal welfare organisations around the country and invite you to join us in helping those pets in need.

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The dangers of fleas, ticks & worms in pets

by Absolute Pets

dangers of ticks fleas and worms
It is all too easy to forget to keep your pet’s tick, flea and deworming treatment up to date. Does it really matter? What’s the worst that could happen if you skip a treatment here and there?


Here’s what you need to know…

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