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Cat Toys

  • GiGwi Bee Cat Treat Dispenser

    R189.00 R132.30*
  • GiGwi Owl Silvervine

    R99.00 R69.30*
  • GiGwi Rabbit Silvervine Stick

    R99.00 R69.30*
  • GiGwi Owl Silvervine Leather & Bead

    R99.00 R69.30*
  • Spiderman Cat Ball (2 Pack)

    Spiderman Cat Ball (2 Pack)

  • Minnie Cat Ball (2 Pack)

    Minnie Mouse Cat Ball (2 Pack)

  • Star Wars Cat Ball (2 Pack)

    Star Wars Cat Ball (2 Pack)

  • All For Paws Jittering Sardine

    R219.00 R153.30*
  • Lickimat Casper Turquoise

    Lickimat Casper Turquoise

  • PETGEEK Hiding Mouse

    PETGEEK Hiding Mouse

  • AFP Cat Tunnel with Suede.

    R239.00 R167.30*
  • GiGwi Catwand Feather Teaser with Natura...

    R129.00 R90.30*
  • GiGwi Pet Droid Feather Hider

    1 review
    R315.00 R220.50*
  • Max Ice Cream Stick

    R29.00 R20.30*
  • GiGwi Melody Chaser Cat Toy Bird

    2 reviews
    R109.00 R76.30*
  • GiGwi Cat Pet Droid - Melody Tumble for ...

    R145.00 R101.50*