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Supplier Enquiry

Thank you for your interest in supplying Absolute Pets. We are always on the lookout for unique, amazing and innovative quality products. With 60+ stores nationwide, Absolute Pets is South Africa's biggest and best specialty pet retail chain.

Please complete the online form below to help us evaluate your product and speed up the listing process (we do not accept telephone enquiries for new suppliers).

A few things to consider to help make your submission more likely to succeed:

  • You are already supplying Absolute Pets group with products
  • You are introducing unique product(s) to the market
  • Providing detailed descriptions and specifications for your product(s)
  • Uploading clear photographs of your product(s)
  • Your product(s) are individually packaged in quality packaging
  • Your product(s) have a unique barcode for each SKU
  • Your company is VAT registered
  • You will consider exclusive retail agreement with Absolute Pets.
  • You have stable pricing, reliable supply chain and nationwide distribution