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Get ready to celebrate because the February StarPet photo competition has announced its winners!  

Seven participants won a total of R22,500, of which R17,000 was in the form of Absolute Pets shopping vouchers.  

In addition to this joyous news, the competition also helped raise R2500 for Brainy Birds Parrot Rescue & Rehabilitation.  

Brainy Birds provides a safe and loving environment for the recovery, conservation and care of over 250 companion parrots. 

The owner and founder of this rescue organization, Dee Hendrickx started out by rescuing a few abandoned parrots and kept them in her home.  

As time passed, the organisation grew, and it moved to bigger premises to house over 250 parrots and employ 4 permanent staff members and 6 casual staff. 

If you’d like to donate or learn more about this organisation, have a look at their website.  

Here are your February StarPet Winners:   

1st Prize: Jessie won R4500 Absolute Pets voucher and R2 250 cash  

Jessie’s pet parents describe her to be a spunky rabbit with a personality that is at least 200 times her size. 

She loves bath time and enjoys sitting on her favourite spot by the windowsill and looking out at the world outside.   


2nd Prize: Mystique won R3000 Absolute Pets voucher and R1500 cash 

Mystique was adopted from a shelter as a pair with her brother Magic and they both brought a lot of happiness to their pet parent’s life.  

Their pet parent had just had her previous cat euthanised and Mystique and her brother brought life back into her home.  


3rd Prize: Snorre won R2000 Absolute Pets voucher and R1000 cash   

Snorre was once a feral cat; he now lives like a king in his pet parents' home and has captured their hearts. With his stunning whiskers and fluffy coat, he is undoubtedly a beautiful feline. 



Angel’s Choice winners  

1st Prize: Porthos won R2 000 Absolute Pets voucher and R1000 cash  

Porthos, the chocolate lab, loves the swimming pool, fluffy squeaky toys and treats.  

His pet parents describe him to be a bit sneaky at times, with his selective hearing and laid-back attitude. He enjoys stealing cutlery out of the dishwasher and hiding it by his bed.  

He has a big boy bark and will try to protect you with his favourite neon orange frisbee. 


2nd Prize: Tigger won R1 500 Absolute Pets voucher and R750 cash  

Tigger's mother was discovered half-starved outside her pet parents home and in dire need of love and care. She then gave birth, and they had six kittens running around their house. 

Tigger, or Tiggs for short, formed a special bond with her pet parents, following them everywhere and cuddling with them whenever possible. She is a confident cat and loves exploring the garden.  



3rd Prize: Umberto won R1000 Absolute Pets voucher and R500 cash  

Umberto is an Umbrella Cockatoo and has been with his pet parents for 6 months. His previous owners immigrated and he came to live with his new family. 

 His family believe that he should have been named Houdini because every afternoon when they get home, they find out that he has escaped his cage and spent the day playing and watching the wild birds outside.   

His favourite phrases are “Hello” or “What are you doing?” and shouting commands at our German Shepherd in German!" 

StarPick winner: Apollo won R1 000 Absolute Pets voucher and R500 cash  

In December 2022, Apollo was adopted by his pet parents and he quickly filled their hearts with joy. This loving and joyful cat has a crazy side to him, which is evident by his love for zoomies at 6am in the morning, silly antics and hilarious expressions which never fail to bring laughter into their lives. 


A big round of applause to the February winners! Your pets are beautiful and we can’t wait to welcome you to our Absolute Pets stores when you spoil your pets with your vouchers. 

 If you’re new and interested in entering your pet into the next competition while also doing your bit for animal welfare, you still have a chance to enter! 

Entries for March are in full swing! 

Voting start and end dates  

Voting for the current month’s competition opens and closes on the first and last day of the current month.  

For example, votes for the February competition open on 1 March 2023, and close on 31 March 2023.  

How to vote:  

To cast your vote, simply visit, click on the 'Vote Now' option, and select the most adorable pet to vote for. 

 Anyone can participate and voting can be conducted through SMS, SnapScan, and Ozow (eft). 

For more information on the StarPet South Africa competition, visit their website here 

We wish all pet parents the best of luck and look forward to seeing your photo entries of your happy and healthy pets!  


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