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The Zee.Dog Range - Connecting Dogs and People

Zee.Dog is dedicated to "Connecting dogs & people", through their commitment to bringing pet owners and their companions closer together with their wide range of stylish products across collars, leashes, harnesses, bowls, beds, toys and more!

With a focus on combining quality, design and function, Zee.Dog believes that your pet’s accessories are ‘products of expression’ and that they ‘showcase the extension of your lifestyle’.

The Zee.Dog Range

Zee.Dog Lifestyle


Zee.Dog collars for cats and dogs come in a variety of colours and are on trend and super comfortable for your pets.

Their quick-release cat collars are adjustable and feature a breakaway buckle that automatically opens if your cat gets stuck. While their dog collars are made from durable polyester and feature an adjustable, four-point lock for added safety.

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  • Zee.Dog Collar for Dogs (Phantom)

    Zee.Dog Collar for Dogs (Phantom)

  • Zee.Dog Collar for Dogs (Gotham)

    Zee.Dog Collar for Dogs (Gotham)

  • Zee.Dog Collar NeoPro (Tidal)

    Zee.Dog Collar NeoPro (Tidal)

  • Zee.Cat Collar Woozer

    Zee.Cat Collar Woozer


Classic Leashes

Zee.Dog Classic Dog Leashes are made from durable polyester and are soft to hold. The 4 ft. long dog leads have super hook locks that ensure a safe walking experience.

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  • Zee.Dog Leash for Dogs (Gotham)

    Zee.Dog Leash for Dogs (Gotham)

  • Zee.Dog Leash (Gibson)

    Zee.Dog Leash (Gibson)

  • Zee.Dog Leash NeoPro (Tidal)

    Zee.Dog Leash NeoPro (Tidal)

  • Zee.Dog Leash (Woozer)

    Zee.Dog Leash (Woozer)


Speciality Leashes

At Zee.Dog, they understand that every pet parent and their dog is unique and so are their needs for a leash.

That's why they offer a wide range of specialty leashes for dogs of all sizes, including no-pull leashes, shock absorbing leashes, rope leashes and hands-free leashes.

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  • Zee.Dog Handsfree Leash Gotham

    Zee.Dog Handsfree Leash Gotham


Hands-Free: With no attachments or rings to adjust, it's easy to see why the Zee.Dog Hands-Free Leashes are one of the best around. Its simple, convenient and can be used in various ways with small, medium & large dogs.

You can wear the hands-free leash across your chest (over your shoulder), around your waist or as a standard long dog leash (as long as 7 ft). It has a slider and E.Zee lock adjustment buckle to easily adjust and secure the size of the loop.

  • Zee.Dog Airleash (Cali Uno)

    Zee.Dog Airleash (Cali Uno)


AirLeash: The AirLeash is Zee.Dog’s most advanced no‑pull dog leash.

It features Flowtex™, the brand’s own proprietary elastic webbing technology that absorbs the impact of any pulling from your dog.

The AirLeash is ultra-lightweight with a super strong anodized aluminium hook that ensures your dog is always secure. The soft, padded handle on this no-pull leash further enhances the walking experience.


Zee.Dog offers a range of high-quality, fashionable and functional dog and cat harnesses, each with its own special technology to suit the needs of your dog or cat.

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  • Zee.Dog H-Harness (Woozer)

    Zee.Dog H-Harness (Woozer)

  • Zee.Dog Air Mesh Harness (Bloom)

    Zee.Dog Air Mesh Harness (Bloom)

  • Zee.Dog Flyharness Gotham

    Zee.Dog Flyharness Gotham

  • Zee.Cat Collar and Harness PhantomAt least 1 item available On Demand

    Zee.Cat Collar and Harness Phantom


The Zee.Dog H-Harness is easy to use and is fully adjustable, making it a great option for daily walks. It features two D-ring placements on the back providing two options for leash attachment and the buckle is built with a 4-point lock system for added safety.

The Zee.Dog Adjustable Air Mesh Harness is a lightweight, breathable mesh chest harness that's soft on your dog’s fur, is fully adjustable around the neck and girth, comes with a 4-point locking system for extra safety and has a D-ring for leash attachment.

The Zee.Dog Fly Harness is perfect for outdoor adventures. It is lightweight & durable and has a handle on the top that allows you to take control and guide your dog quickly when needed. The neck and chest straps are adjustable for a comfortable fit.

The Zee.Cat Leash is super comfortable on your hands and soft on your cats fur and has a lightweight hook that lets your cat stroll around with ease. The Harness is fully adjustable for the perfect fit and has a 4-point locking buckle for added safety for your cat.

Other Outdoor Gear

Functional accessories for you and your pet that combine durability and style, ensuring both you and your companion are feeling safe on any adventure.

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  • Zee Dog Waste Bag Dispenser - Black

    Zee.Dog Waste Bag Dispenser - Black

  • Zee.Dog Air Tag Holder (Gotham)

    Zee.Dog Air Tag Holder (Gotham)

  • Zee.Dog Zee Run Belt

  • Zee.Run Belt

Beds & Bowls

Every pet needs a comfortable bed to sleep in and a dinner bowl to suit their needs.

Zee.Dog bowls for cats and dogs are safe and functional and are made from non-toxic materials. The Zee.Dog bed is an extremely comfortable orthopaedic dog bed made from memory foam.

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  • Zee.Dog Tuff Bowl Black

  • Zee.Dog Tuff Bowl Coral

  • Zee.Dog Bowl Zee Gotham

    Zee.Dog Bowl Zee Gotham

  • Zee.Cat Duo Bowl Terracotta

  • Zee.Dog Bed (Skull Design)

    Zee.Dog Bed (Skull Design)



From treat-dispensing toys to plush toys, chew toys & cat scratchers, Zee.Dog offers a range of high quality, interactive and durable toys for cats and dogs.

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  • Zee.Dog Wishbone

    Zee.Dog Wishbone

  • Zee.Dog Super Pear Dog Toy

    Zee.Dog Super Pear Dog Toy

  • Zee.Dog Super Orange Dog Toy

    Zee.Dog Super Orange Dog Toy

  • Zee.Cat Cat Scratcher Mint

    Zee.Cat Cat Scratcher Mint