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Lokuno Veterinary Diet - Sensitive

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Dog & Puppy Product

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  • Supports skin and coat nourishment: Linoleic acid and ideal omega 6:3 support skin and coat health - the first barrier to sensitivity.
  • Supports intestinal health: Butyrate and prebiotics to support healthy digestion by developing and maintaining intestinal health.
  • Hypoallergenic: Fish protein, no grain, no poultry meal and excludes beef by-products, dairy, synthetic colourants or flavourings, added sugar and ethoxyquin to achieve a hypoallergenic formula that caters for ingredient sensitive dogs.

Lokuno Sensitive provides scientifically formulated nutrition for dogs that suffer with skin and digestive sensitivities. With Fish-Based Protein, Butyrate, Prebiotics and other functional ingredients, it is hypoallergenically formulated to help minimise common food allergies and intolerances.

Scientifically formulated by animal nutritionists and recommended by veterinarians.

Suitable for all breeds.

Excludes grain, poultry, beef by-products, dairy, synthetic colourants & flavourings, added sugar or Ethoxyquin.

Lokuno dog food is produced according to the highest standards of quality and backed by BRC GLOBAL STANDARDS*. Manufactured locally, supporting local business and allowing us to stay cost-effective.

Available in 2.5kg and 12kg. For every bag sold, R1 goes to animal welfare.

These recommended amounts are for average conditions. Your dog's requirements may vary according to its breed, age, size, activity and environment. Always ensure that your dog has free access to plenty of fresh, clean water - especially during very hot weather. Any eating disorder should be referred to your dog's veterinarian without hesitation. If you require further information on feeding and care, please contact us: hello@lokuno.co.za.

Fish Protein, Peas, Canola Protein, Cassava, Poultry Oil, Lentils, Sweet Potato, Cold-Pressed Canola Oil, Carrots, Chickpeas, Liver, Food Yeast, Beet Fibre, Limestone, Alfalfa, Calcium Phosphate, Linseed, Chicory Fibre, Natural Clay Minerals, Nucleotides, Taurine, Butyrate, Botanical Extracts (chestnut, oreganum, capsicum & cinnamon), L-Carnitine, Vitamin C and Approved Vitamins & Minerals.

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Reviews for Lokuno Veterinary Diet - Sensitive
4 reviews

The best solution for a sensitive pup!

My dog suffers from a Chicken and a Grain allergy and finding food for him has always been difficult. Ever since we came across Lokuno Sensitive, he is happier and healthier, not to mention his coat is shinier than ever! Thanks to Lokuno for this fantastic product and solution.

09 February 2022 by Riley H., South Africa

2/2 People found this review useful

Fantastic Product and well priced.

A little goes a long way and wow has this gone a long way with my dogs health.
Gone are the days of constant itching and irritation. Coats are lush and dogs are much happier and healthier .

17 January 2023 by Mary K., South Africa

Lokuno 12kg sensitive

Best choice of dog for for dog who have sensitivity. Our African skeg suffer with his ears for years. Had to have them cleaned often at a vet. We bought lokuno from the ballito junction. They recommend it for us to try. Best thing we ever did. After 3 weeks on the food his ears have cleared up. Try it you won’t be disappointed

17 April 2023 by Judy M.,

Good Quality Product

My dog has allergies and a very sensitive stomach. The previous food he was on was not agreeing with his stomach and led to a skin infection because of the allergies. He was losing a lot of fur and got ear infections. Once I switched his food, he his stomach has been good, the ear infections cleared up and his fur grew back. The only problem he still has is the constant itching.

21 June 2023 by Pooja L., South Africa