Olly & Max Micro Silica Cat Litter Crystals (1.5kg)

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The Olly & Max Micro Silica Cat Litter is finer than normal cat litter, making it softer and more comfortable for your cat.

It contains microscopic pores that are super absorbent with effective odour control.

It helps prevent bacteria and maintain a more hygienic tray as the silica crystals absorb the urine and helps dry out the faeces.

• Super fine
• Super absorbent
• Effective odour control
• Clump free
• 1 bag = 1 month’s supply for 1 cat

Silica sand.

• Fill your cat’s tray with the litter, at least 5cm deep (if you have a very large tray you may need more than one bag).
• Dried solid waste must be removed and disposed of regularly.
• Once solid waste has been removed, you need to stir the crystals to distribute it evenly around the tray.
• Replace the entire contents of the tray with fresh litter once a month or more if necessary.
• Please store in a cool, dry place.
• Please wash your hands thoroughly after handling the cat litter.
• Keep away from food and eating areas.
• Pregnant women and patients with an impaired or weakened immune system should avoid handling the cat litter and litter box maintenance, as cat faeces can carry harmful bacteria that can lead to disease.
• Consult your doctor if more information is required.

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