by Genevieve Baptie

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It’s our favourite time of year, when we embark on one of our biggest, nationwide campaigns. In honour of Nelson Mandela, we will be celebrating Mandela Day with a campaign aimed at making a real, positive difference to various animal welfare organisations around the country.

Considering the current circumstances and the many challenges we all face due to Covid-19, our Mandela Day initiative could not have come at a better time. Animal welfare organisations have also been heavily impacted and are even more reliant than before, on the support and kindness of their communities and supporters.

With our 2020 Mandela Day Donation Drive we hope to provide some much-needed support and relief to 42 animal welfare organisations around the country and make a positive difference to the lives of the animals in their care.

We invite you to join our donation drive in store:

For our 2020 initiative we invite our customers to pop in to any store between 1 and 18 July and drop off any items you’d like to donate to animal welfare. Our 83 stores around the country will be collection points for donations for 40 different animal welfare organisations that our teams have chosen to support. When you visit your nearest store, you will be able to see which organisation they are supporting and who your donations will go to. 

Any donations are welcome, but food, blankets and tick & flea and deworming treatment are most needed by these rescue organisations. The donations do not have to be bought from our stores, you are welcome to bring any donations from home.

If you don't have anything to donate but would like to get involved, you are welcome to 'Purchase to donate' in store or online.

You are welcome to join our initiative online:

If you are not up for a store visit you can join our initiative online. Our Online store is supporting the Border Collie Rescue Cape Town so if you’d like to purchase something online to donate to them, you simply add their name in the delivery section at checkout and we will take care of the rest. Once the campaign has ended we will deliver these donations to Border Collie Rescue on your behalf.

Absolute Pets part:

Other than providing a collection point for donations at our stores, as soon as each store reaches their goal of 67 items in their pile of donations (not just food, any items: blankets, toys, food etc), Absolute Pets will donate 67 kg’s of food to that rescue organisation. Help us reach our goal and you’ll be helping feed many pets in need.

We are very proud of the success of our Mandela Day campaigns over the previous years and very passionate about this year’s campaign. We are determined to ensure that the success of this year's campaign is no different, if not better, and with your help we know we can make a great impact.

In 2018 we managed to provide support to 39 organisations across the country in the form of:

  • 4441 items donated
  • 3283 kgs of food donated

In 2019 we selected 6 organisations (2 in each region) and donated the following:

  • 2136kg’s of dog food
  • 575 kg’s of cat wet food
  • 598 tins of dog wet food
  • 598 dewormers

For 2020, we are supporting the following 42 organisations:

Mandela Day ORG logos

Join us in making a difference! 

Visit your nearest store to find out which organisation they are supporting, drop off any items you'd like to donate or add something to donate to your purchase. We are thankful for any support, no matter how big or small.

Happy & Healthy
The Absolute Pets Team

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