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Winter can bring boredom to pets that typically spend lots of time outdoors. This often means less exercise, which can make your pet prone to weight gain and potentially destructive behaviours. The good news is that you can help keep your pet happy and entertained throughout the cold winter months with these five types of toys below!

pet toys in winter

1. Chew toys

Chew toys are great fun as they engage your pet’s natural hunting instincts. These toys can also help redirect chewing behavior away from inappropriate items such as furniture. Chew toys such as the GiGwi Wooden Antler Eco Line (for dogs) and the GiGwi Dental Mesh Shrimp (for cats) are fantastic options as not only can they help keep your pet busy and entertained, but their textured surface also promotes dental health by scraping plaque off the teeth as your pet chews on them.

2. Treat stuffing & dispensing toys

Treat stuffing & dispensing toys release treats when your pet completes a specific action. These provide both mental and physical stimulation as your pet figures out whether to paw, shake, nibble, roll and/or lick the toy, while the released treat serves as a special reward for completing the challenge. Treat stuffing & dispensing toys for dogs include the GiGwi Pull Me Out (Raccoon), KONG Classic & Extreme, All For Paws Treat Hider, Zee.Dog Super Pear, Beeztees SUMO Play and Rogz Grinz Fetch Ball, which can be filled with Vondi’s Peanut Butter or your dog’s favourite healthy treat!

3. Sound toys

Toys that crinkle, jingle or squeak can be lots of fun as they appeal to a pet’s auditory senses. Sound toys for dogs include the durable GiGwi Heavy Punch Original Series, which has a built-in squeaker to take a game of tug of war to the next level, while the durable All For Paws Ballistic Candy Squeaker and Crackler makes a fun, crinkly noise when chewed on!

Sound toys for cats include the All For Paws Chirping Mouse and GiGwi Melody Chaser, which make chirping sounds for a fun and interactive play time experience, while the super soft Max Teapot with Ball has a cute teapot shape with a jingle ball attached to it for hours of feline fun. The GiGwi Silvervine Squirrel or Fox are also great options as they have a fuzzy, crinkly toy attached to the silvervine ring for a burst of energy and engaging play!

4. Interactive toys

Interactive toys are a great way to bond with your pet as they let you play together and enjoy each other’s company. Frisbees, balls and ball launchers are usually the toys you’d grab for an interactive game of fetch outdoors with your dog. However, when confined indoors, we recommend an interactive game of tug of war with your canine companion using the GiGwi Tug Hercules, which makes both squeaking and crinkling sounds when pulled!

You can wave, twitch, flutter and circle a cat wand around randomly so that the toy attached to the ribbon of the wand moves like an insect, mouse or bird, while the Joyser Finger Puppet Bat or Zee.Cat Finger Puppets are perfect for a fun game of peekaboo with your feline friend. The KONG Laser Toy is another suitable option as it makes for an exciting game of chase with your cat while you enjoy play time together.

5. Enrichment toys

While interactive toys can help strengthen the bond between you and your pet, enrichment toys can help build independence and foster strong problem-solving skills. The GiGwi Hide 'n Seek, for instance, is a soft box with holes that has three fun toys hidden inside. This can keep your dog busy (and entertained) for hours as they figure out how to pull the toys out of the box one by one.

The GiGwi Pet Droid Feather Hider for cats is a motion activated toy that displays and hides feathers in response to your cat's touch, with the addition of sound effects for extra stimulation. The Zee.Cat Feather Teaser is another excellent enrichment toy for cats, as it moves back and forth when touched, while the feather and bell detail provides added fun.

Please note that we strongly recommend supervising your pet with any toy.

With our wide selection of toys, we’ve got you covered to keep your pet happy and entertained this winter indoors!

If you need any assistance finding the right products for your beloved pet, please don't hesitate to contact us on or speak to a Pet Care Advisor in store.

The Absolute Pets Team!



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